Field Accessory Kit

WiFi Investigator® Field Accessory Kit

The WiFi Investigator® Field Accessory Kit is a must have, as it contains AIS Certified Compatible Accessories needed for extended operations. Whether in the field, or conducting a lengthy investigation, the WiFi Investigator® Field Accessory Kit includes an external rechargeable battery pack that can power WiFi Investigator® V3. It can also be used to recharge WiFi Investigator’s® internal battery. Additional power connectors included within the Field Accessory Kit provide even more flexibility, ensuring that your WiFi Investigator® is available for use whenever you need it. The Field Accessory Kit also includes a war-drive setup that is critical when covering larger or densely populated areas, such as industrial parks, city blocks and neighborhoods.

WiFi Investigator® Field Accessory Kit includes:

Each of the above AIS Certified Compatible Accessories can be purchased separately from AIS.

AIS Certified Compatible Accessories are backed by AIS. AIS provides 1 year of phone technical support and a 1 year repair/replacement warranty for each accessory. Connecting AIS Certified Compatible Accessories to WiFi Investigator® V3 does not void the WiFi Investigator® V3 warranty.

AIS Certified Compatible Accessories have been extensively tested and proven to work as expected with WiFi Investigator® V3. They are not compatible and should not be used with previous versions of WiFi Investigator®.

Using non AIS Certified Compatible Accessories may cause damage, destruction or less then desirable modifications to the accessory, WiFi Investigator®, internal components, displayed and captured data. Do not attempt to power or recharge WiFi Investigator® with any non AIS certified compatible accessories, as shock, hardware damage, fire, or explosion could occur. Connecting non AIS certified compatible accessories to WiFi Investigator® will void all product warranties and AIS cannot provide technical support when a non certified accessory is used.